Class of 2023: A published celebration

A whole class writing project that allows pupils to use their writing skills as they collaborate with their peers.

This unique leavers book will raise self esteem and positively build confidence as your pupils transition to their new schools.

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Year 6 Levers Book: Free Project
Year 6 Levers Book: Free Project

A keepsake to treasure

Send your children home with an anthology of their memories, poems or stories. It's a keepsake they'll treasure for many years to come.

  • Yr 4
  • Yr 6
  • Yr 8

Complete in as little as a day or as an extended project

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Ideal to hand out at a leavers assembly
A perfect post SAT's Writing Project for your Year 6 Leavers

Published in 3 easy steps

  • 1

    Use one of our suggested themes or set your own

  • 2

    Your class write & vote on the BoomWriter app

  • 3

    Hit publish and we'll print & ship the books to your school.

Use one of our themes or pick your own

  • The places you'll go

    (Informal letter)

    Theme: Places

    Each child write about the places they want to go or jobs they will have in the future

  • 2043 Reunion

    (Imagined Narrative)

    Theme: Reunion

    It’s 2043 and your class returns for a party - how has the world and the school changed?

  • Do you remember when?


    Theme: Memories

    Each child writes a poem or essay on their best memories of being at the school

  • Create your own!
    Theme: Flexible

    The flexible project allows you to set the brief that is right for your class or year-group.

Download the resources to plan & start your book

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An Affordable, Flexible & Forever Keepsake

Our leavers book is designed to be affordable to all - and a printed book will be a cherished keepsake for-ever!

Pre-purchase a class pack to guarantee a copy for every child.

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Class orders come with free, fast shipping direct to the classroom so you can hand these out at your leavers event.

Tip: Use our included form to allow parents to optionally contribute to the cost.

Parents can always purchase additional copies for family & friends from the BoomWriter store.

Allow at least 16 days from publishing date for your books to be delivered.

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You can complete the book without purchasing a class pack and simply send home letters to parents. Books are delivered to home addresses. Great for after-school delivery but your pupils will miss the opportunity to sign each other’s books.

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Parent only

Every child guaranteed a copy

Some children may not receive a copy

Shipped to school for leavers assembly & group signing

Children may not be able to sign each others books

Parents can purchase additional copies after event (delivered to home address)
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