Matt Beighton

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Summer 2021

A spectacular writing experience for Key Stage Two writers!

Join Matt Beighton, author of the Shadowland Chronicles & Monstacademy series for a special reading and writing event: GoWriteLive!

This unique live experience will give your pupils the chance to help shape a branching adventure story with a children’s author that culminates in a published book for every child.

Live Experience

  • Choose how the story unfolds
  • Weekly Q&A Sessions with Matt
  • Writer’s diary by Matt
  • Weekly writing projects
  • Online gallery

Watch the webinar

Find out all about this exciting event direct from Matt. You can also download the GoWrite Live! presentation slides

How It Works

Matt will reveal the first chapter of the book that ends in a choice for the readers…

  1. On Monday, each child logs in to GoWrite, reads the chapter and then votes for what they think should happen next.

    Voting will end each Thursday.

  2. Matt will write the next chapter based on the winning choice - branching adventure style!

  3. The next chapter will be live on the following Monday and this will continue for four weeks until the story is complete.

Your writers in the book

We will include two optional writing tasks each week based upon the chapters that pupils can write using the GoWrite app.

These will be added to each child’s personalised book and can be done in class, or at home.

GoWrite is a digital writing platform that is super easy for pupils and teachers to use and a great way to boost engagement and collaboration in the writing process.

GoWrite Books

The Published Book!

When the event is complete, each child will receive a copy of the finished story and all of their creative writing.

The book will also include some fantastic digital extras unique to the project!

A Flexible Project

GoWriteLive! has been designed to be completely flexible for busy schools. Jump in to as many of the various activities you want during school time or beyond.

It’s a great way to motivate your pupils and help promote reading, writing and art skills.

Matt's Video Diary

Matt’s Video Diary

Matt will be doing a writer’s video diary each week talking about the process of writing the story, providing pupils with a unique insight into the writing process.

Live Q&A

There will be a live Q&A session on Friday afternoon with Matt each week that schools can login to and children can ask Matt questions about the story or being a writer.

Share your pictures

We will also be encouraging artwork based upon the story throughout the project. We’ll be providing opportunities to share illustrations and drawings on the GoWrite webpage.

So, what does it cost?

It will cost just £6 per child to take part. Plus you can use any of your existing book packs.

Cost includes access to all the live events, writing projects and a personalised copy of the book for every pupil.

Don’t miss out!

Register your interest today. One of our friendly team will be in touch to answer your questions. We promise there's no obligation to take part!

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